Le Meilleur Achat

is what they'd call Best Buy if they were forced to translate the name Best Buy into French. But they don't have to, so it's Best Buy in Quebec. Pretty sweet, I'm way more down with representing "Best Buy" for a 10 day promo than "Le Meilleur Achat". It'd be kinda like if they called Le Chateau "The Castle" outside of Quebec.....which would suck hardcore. "The Castle" is the name of one of the best movies ever made, and an Aussie one at that. Scope it out if you get the chance.

Oh, so yeah, I'm payin the bills this month by pumping up Best Buy out in these parts. Best Buy just opened 7 stores in Montreal and is going to bring the Black Eyed Peas to town for a "free" concert. All you have to do is line up for 5-7 hours at a Best Buy store and you're in there! FREE.

Good times all around, I've fallen in love with 'our' mascot named Taggie and even found out 'where my dog at'. It's awesome. Even Dom is in on the action!




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