The best thing about combining two words into a new word is that you have carte blanche to the meaning of the word. I love combining words almost as much as I love late-nite TV infomercials, which are the known epicentre of linguistic innovation. Dom's sister Mary-Lou bought the Magic Bullet off TV last month. Last night we went over two her place and made delicious fruit creations. Fast. So fast. It's not a blender, it's a magic bullet. Anyhow, Mary-Lou has this little black toy poodle called Cayenne that's just the most wonderful little ball of youthful small dog energy you've ever imagined. Cayenne looked like a mini black sheep until she got razored and now looks like a mini black rat. I wasn't allowed to bring the camera cause it was assumed that I'd snap incriminating photos and post them on this blog. No big deal, you can imagine how cute and wonderful Cayenne is. She is super cute - just like the magic bullet. We don't have a ultra cute toy dog, but if we did, you best believe it would be riding in style in a car similar to the one pictured above. Innoventions rule. Where would we be without innoventions?

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