Another Man's Treasure


That's me doing a fake cross-eyed puke into a lovely Lloyd Aero Boliviano barf bag adorned with one red paperclip. I grabbed a couple of these barf bags from a flight Dom and I took in South America this May on the whim that they might come in handy. Fast forward to last week and surpirse surprise, the barf bag, sorry, "airsickness bag", did in fact come in handy. I put the barf bag on ebay and some dude in Alaska dropped $21 USD to be the lucky owner of this marvelous vomit-ready laminated paper sack. I even offered him my other prized LAB puke sack for half price and guess what, he coughed up the cash for it!

It's not every day that you sell two barf bags to an Alaskan for thirty bucks, but then again, some days you do.

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