Today was a good day. Sold heaps of old crap on the sidewalk and made some cash. It's amazing what people will buy on impulse from the sidewalk. Do you want to capitalize on that BC lions t-shirt you got back in the 90s as a free gift when you signed up for that credit card in the shopping mall? Easy. Drop that sucker on the sidewalk and tell the first 50 year old guy wearing a walkman that passes by to give you two bucks for it.

Also made a few trades, most notably with my new hero, Richard. As far as random sidewalk trading goes, Richard is the man. Who shows up at a sidewalk rummage sale wearing a shirt emblazoned with cows and horses and wants to trade it? Richard does. Who gives you an Elvis keychain in exchange for a pair of those really big oversize novelty fun sunglasses? Richard does. Who puts on his new red shirt and sunglasses and proceeds to serenade your girlfriend with 'Love me tender'. Richard does.


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