Chromeo says: The future is Synth


Chromeo's radical. And awesome. And perhaps choice. Any concert set in an empty swimming pool that features a synthesizer-talk box played by a badass gangsta in disguise as a navy admiral and a glasses-clad lead singer who plays a so-sharp-it-hurts triangular guitar and opens with "Hey, our name is Chromeo and all of our songs are about girls", is a good one in my books. Dave 1 and Pee Thugg rule the rocksteady electro funk love jam sky. Their website tells the truth: "Live, Chromeo is more fun than being forced to smoke crack at gunpoint by Rick James."

And I didn't even wear a jean shirt.

Me with two Daves but only one Dave One:

Dave Two. P-Thugg. Fist.

Paper is over-rated.
And expensive.

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