Free Lunch


That's the sweater I got from Ben and Judy. I know, amazing. This sweater was my ticket to a free lunch in Boston. How you ask? Ah, it goes a little something like this:

Previous to my encounter with Ben and Judy I'd made an apointment with a fellow named Ezra Dyer in Boston. Ezra's a writer for The Improper Bostonian, Automobile Magazine, Esquire and probably lots of other stuff. He's, like, one of the best funny young writers I've seen yet, totally. Go to his website. It's good:

Anyhow, I rolled into town to chat about some stuff with him. I got absolutely rocked on parking. $16 for 90 minutes. It's pretty lame to show up for a lunch meeting without enough cash on hand to pay for your meal, but Ezra eyed the loon sweater and came up with an idea. No, make that a scheme. "Hey, I think I've got an idea. It's win-win. I'll pay for lunch. Here's the deal: we've got a little space that opened up in this issue of the Improper, you wanna come back to the office, take a few pictures and have 85 000 copies of you wearing a loon sweater printed and placed on newsstands for the masses of greater Boston?" Ezra knew a good marketing strategy when he saw it. Twenty minutes later we're back in the offices of the Improper Bostonian making bi-weekly regional magazine history. I didn't get a modeling credit, but the free lunch was more than enough to seal the deal.

There is such a thing as a free lunch, you just need to cloak yourself in waterfowl themed sweaters and get ripped off on parking to get it.

Thanks Ezra, and thank you Mr. Loon.

If anyone's in Boston, hook Ezra up with an iced coffee. He loves 'em.

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