Back from the edge

Back in Montreal today. Buenos Aires to Montreal: 2 flights. 8 Hour layover in Miami.

As we stood in line next to the fuselage waiting to board American Airlines flight 1366 from Miami to Montreal, a group of 'VIP-ish dudes pushed their way to the front of the line, somewhat rudely, but in a 'don't mess with us we're wearing suits and are surrounded by guys wearing security earpieces' type of way. I stood there, in the sweltering South Florida afternoon tarmac heat creeping in from around the entrance to the plane holding a heavy package turning the fingers of my right hand purple and huffed to myself, almost out loud, "Dude, who do you think you are? The president or something? We've been standing here for ten minutes, you think just cause you're sitting in first class you can barge in past the rest of us? Huh?"

The man passed, entourage and all and we got on board and everybody enjoyed a routine flight to Montreal. We got off the plane, walked up the ramp to see the VIPers getting into a planeside limo, cop cars everywhere. "Dom, there's those pushy dudes, looks like the one in the back is the kingpin. Must've screwed up real big, full police escort, the whole kit."
I spotted the Gate attendendant. "Hey, what's that guy who thinks he's president or something?"
"Who that guy?" (pointing) "He's the president of the Dominican Republic."

Close one. Need to remember that one for next time. Think before speaking. Check.

Picture below:
-On the left is A Star Wars special edition medium sized drink cup from Burger King formerly filled with Dr. Pepper.
-On the right is a book entitled Postcards From the Edge, bought from a used bookstore in Cuzco, Peru.
-Both involve Princess Leia (AKA Carrie Fisher) and both were finished by yours truly in Concourse E at Miami International Airport immediately prior to my near public insult of the President of the Dominican Republic. Neither left nor right item involves postcards in any way. While Carrie Fisher does profound justice to the double side-bun hairstyle on the cup, her book fails to live up to its title. Postcards From the Edge involves no postcards, no edge, and most importantly, no double side-bun hairstyles. The book I will write about the Message in a Barrel postcard delivering adventure will attend to each of these very important issues...especially double side-bun hairstyles.

You can take my well-thought-out word for it.


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